Poems of Love and Longing


On the Banks of a Quiet River

I take care of the children
tonight, you are warmer
soft and trusting
like a ripe peach
falling from a tree
knowing the hands
that would hold it
would be good
hands and the mouth
would know the language
of its sweetness.

To Quiet This Hunger

To quiet this hunger,
I’ll put my mouth to your eyes.
First to the left eye,
the one connected to your brain,
cool and cautious.
Then I’ll put my mouth
to your right eye,
warm and liquid,
the one that knows the way
to your soul and lets
me in to meander through.

Take me.
Take me in.
Take me to the place of the velvet
brown-eyed wolves, to the full mouth
of the ocean.

In the Throat of a Bear

Not a black sheep,
Not even a lion,
I want him like a bear
A brown bear
Warm, wide and heavy
As brown as Zuni rock
Who feeds his laughter
With the music
Of his tongue
Running his fingers
Through my hair
To sooth
To breathe me in
With that hum of
In his throat.

Esther Kamkar, Palo Alto, California artist and poet. Poems, poetry, writing, published works - footer logo

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