Poems of Hope and Despair


Once I was a girl who dug tunnels to China.
Once I climbed a hill covered in black velvet.
Once I was a lion standing at the intersection waiting for the light to change.
Once I was lost in my own bed.
Once I was struck by lightning; the distance between my head and my heart shortened.
Once I made a necklace from my father’s amber worry beads.
Once I believed in keeping the peace in the house at any price.
Once I was a corpse in my own bed.
Once I bought a watch with a loose, dancing 6.
Once my long hair crept under the windowsill and turned into a sunflower.
Once I shook for an hour.
Once I boiled a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of water to mask the odor in my house.
Once I clutched a bunch of yellow roses and leaped across a chasm.
Once I rummaged through a garbage can to find an envelope, I was insane.
Once I lived in the house of seamless floors and breathing carpets.
Once I was tethered to my life holding a baby in my arms, I was grateful.

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