Poems of Hope and Despair

Dandelion Lesson

I’m thankful for cheetahs
Thankful for my heart
Thankful my house is not in ashes

I’m tired:
I’m tired of being thankful
Counting my blessings
Against the baseline of

Tired of crawling
On the forest floor
Among these torsos

Tired of this ache behind my heart

Tired of my own longings
Wanting nothing
Wanting so much

I’m not afraid:
Not afraid of darkness
Not afraid of stench
Not afraid of smoke
Not afraid of razor blades
Cutting my heart into
A thousand red ribbons

Not afraid of seduction of
Amputated limbs

Common Dandelion
In your umbrella of aigrettes

Come closer
Teach me

Lifting from the ground
Flying a little

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